Simplexity in a Nutshell

We are a team of digital experts who create value out of your data, provide insights aligned with your business know-how and accelerate your digital shift.

We believe that a successful transformation comes from deep understanding of business processes and their challenges, a clear vision of your expectations and the right tools to support the change.

Simplexity is an agile and scalable suite exposing your data as a service to each of your business lines.

Cutting-Edge Services at your Fingertips

Realtime Dashboards

Monitor your business anytime, anywhere, on any device with fully-customizable dashboards

Data Analytics

Empower your company with Business Intelligence through analytics, correlation and deep analysis

Powerful Visualizations

Visualize your data with interactive maps and charts and drill down to the deepest level

Expense Management

Monitor expenditures, uncover hidden costs and recover losses

Performance Monitoring

Follow internal and extenal SLAs and KPIs and don't compromise anymore your performance

ROI Optimization

Maximize your Return On Investment and generate savings

Faster Operations

Let us manage your data and focus on what's important for you to accelerate your operations

Alerts & Notifications

Be one step ahead of your problems with smart alerts and personalized notifications

Hardwareless Solutions

Solutions built on software and people without the need for specific monitoring appliance

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